Scandi House and Greenery Wreath


I had the pleasure of a brief, delightful, 1 week stay in Sweden last June. Though brief, it made an impression on me. Enough of one that before I left, I made a promise to return (in summer, of course) for more. Because once you get a taste of the Scandinavian lifestyle, trust me, you'll want seconds.

Lets start with fika….a Swedish ritual that elevates the coffee break to a new level. Every day at 9 am and 2 pm precisely, the team would stop what we were doing to fika. Unlike in the U.S. where a break translates into a check your email-return phone calls-use the bathroom-grab a muffin and cup of coffee before you return to your seat-break; fika is about taking a real break from work to reconnect. On paper, scheduling this dedicated time in the agenda could seem like a waste. In reality, it helped our team bond and improved our productivity.

Of course, there's hygge -- a Danish word that embodies the principle of taking pleasure in the simple things in life. Oh, and did I mention it's nearly a cashless society? Yup, some establishments don't even take cash anymore. I'm not mad at that. Saved me the step of converting cash from dollar to krona and back again.

There's also the Scandinavian design aesthetic -- uncluttered, simple, chic, and warm -- which I've long admired. On occasion I have unsuccessfully tried to recreate the effect in my own home with pieces from IKEA; emphasis on unsuccessful. That is, until I started elevating my crafting game and became a member of the Lia Griffith community. Instead of buying, I decided to try my hand at making my own pieces.

Scandi House and Greenery Wreath

The space above my work desk was a sad, blank wall that was in dire need of a face lift and a perfect excuse to make a décor project.

I chose the Scandi House and Greenery Wreath project because it checked a lot of boxes for me. It was trendy, easy to make, budget friendly, and aligned with my January inspiration theme.


#1 - Style Trend

Wreaths are always in style and this popular embroidery hoop style fits nicely with the trending minimalist look.


#2 - Simple Construction

For a beginner like me simplicity is a must; nothing too ambitious or time consuming.


#3 - Use My Stash

I tried to use what I had on hand. To keep costs down I substituted kraft board (two layers glued together) for the chipboard and used a wooden embroidery hoop instead of gold.


#4 - Scandi Inspired

Using wood adds a warm, natural element to the space that's in keeping with my hygge practice goals.

Any other wreath makers out there? Share the joy and drop a photo of your work in the comments.